"You know," Dominic began, "you’re not a very good liar." He grinned at her, shaking his head. "Just go talk to him."

    “I know. I’ve heard that a few times.” Her eyes were wide, when he told her to go talk to him. “I can’t do that… He’s like way out of my league.”

"No, I don’t like him!" the girl insists, though the smile on her friend’s face soon causes her to give up. "I mean I guess he is kind of cute…"

  • Arya: yeah, yeah.
  • Arya: i miss you too
  • Arya: but i mean,
  • Arya: it's not like it was a big deal right?
  • Arya: like, you know what I mean?
  • Preston: uh yeah
  • Preston: sure
  • Preston: totally
  • Lacey: what can i say -- i'm goood ;)
  • Lacey: no but in all seriousness it really was amazing
  • Lacey: i bet i miss you more
  • Preston: no you are though
  • Preston: the best
  • Preston: you dont miss me more bc its not possible baby
  • Hannah: uhhhhhh
  • Hannah: i thought you were one of those smart kids in class though?
  • Preston: yeah
  • Preston: but im failing now
  • Preston: i mean if you dont want to its fine
  • Andrea: I, uh, yeah, yeah I am tutoring. Sure I can.
  • Preston: well great! sounds perfect
  • Preston: uh, when do you have time?
  • Preston: hi! i heard you were able to be a math tutor? i was wondering if you could tutor me.
  • Preston: i cant stop thinking about
  • Preston: last night was amazing
  • Preston: i miss you already

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it will probably contain fluff

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  • Audrey: why do I like you
  • Audrey: let alone talk to you, you dork.
  • Audrey: yes, I wore it to bed. I can wash it bring it to you if you would like.
  • Preston: bc im cute
  • Preston: admit it
  • Preston: thanks baby i just need it tomorrow night and you can have it back
  • Preston: i love you wore it to bed though i prefer you wearing nothing but oh well
  • Preston: ;)